Buy/sell tax 8%

4% Lotto

1% LVM buyback & burn

3% marketing & development

Gambler Shiba is a community run utility meme token, on the Arbitrum network with a lottery function written into the contract. The lottery is rewarded, in Arbitrum, in four tiers being bronze, silver gold & platinum. The lottery reward tiers are based on Arbitrum spent rather than tokens held, so everyone has a fair shot at achieving the platinum tier regardless of when they buy GShiba.

NFTs will play a major role in GShiba and so will our partners. LakeView Meta, will give Gshiba NFTs real metaverse utility that adds a whole new dimension to the typical NFTs. Walk, run, drive, play P2E games and dance with your GShiba NFT character in LakeView Metas, amazing open world metaverse.

Staking will be available soon after launch and will provide healthy APY’s for every term holders decide to choose. 20% of the total supply has been set aside for staking rewards so staking will be a great option for holders to earn passive tokens simply by holding their Gshiba tokens on our staking platform.

Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000(1T)

Exchanges/P2E 20%

Staking 20%

Team 5.36%

Burn 24%

Private sale 15,52%

To sushiswap 15,12%

Token allocation